Welcome to Timeless Boatworks

Located in the Duluth, Minnesota area, just a short distance from the shoreline of Lake Superior, Timeless Boatworks specializes in the building of glued lapstrake wooden boats of classic and timeless design. Wooden boats, with their curved form and functional beauty, are truly magnificent and, as many say, have a soul of their own. They have evolved to what they are today having been hand crafted and sailed for centuries.

If you want a wooden boat of your own, you'll find that you can’t go down to your local marine dealer and purchase one as they’re no longer mass-produced. Instead you’ll need to commission a boatwright to build you one, or buy a good used one. Or if you have the time, skills, and ambition, you can restore one yourself, or even build your own.

Today, there are many boatwrights with their own boat shops that are found mostly on the Northeast Coast or on the Pacific Northwest coast, and there a few scattered in between. All these craftsmen have one thing in common, they build these beautiful works of art for the passion of it and do their best to make a living at it. Timeless Boatworks is no different.


Wooden Boat Building

Glued Lapstrake Specialists.

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Wooden Boat Restoration

Full Restorations to Small Repairs.

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Wooden Boat Refinishing

Stain, Varnish, and Paint.

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Marine Electrical Systems

Basic Marine Electrical Wiring compliant to ABYC standards.

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Oars & Paddles

Hand Crafted Oars and Paddles.

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